Please note  that as a result of Covid 19 and the importance of safe practise, The Speedwell has been set up to operate as safely as possible. You can find details in the “How to Book” section of this website.


The following comments have been sent to The Speedwell from two regular users of the Hall:

“ The Speedwell Hall is looking absolutely amazing: it is now bright, clean and fresh. ....What a great achievement, congratulations to all involved.”

Barbara Dale, Girl Guide Leader.


“I really must congratulate you all on your wonderful achievement with The Speedwell Hall. I have been involved with the Speedwell since 1983 and during that time I have never seen it looking so good......I congratulate Christine on her leadership, also Richard and John for all their hard work; how fortunate it is to have both of you on board!  I now look forward to being able to use the Hall for meetings.”

Geraldine Clotworthy,  former Chair of The Speedwell Hall; former Brownie Leader and currently Treasurer of The Stitchers.


The Speedwell Hall is holding an Open Day on Friday 25th June between 10:00am to 4:00pm. This will offer you an opportunity to come to see the transformation which The Speedwell has undergone.

The Open Day will offer:

  • Free coffee/tea and biscuits.
  • A chance to look at the Photo Gallery as described below.
  • A chance to hear about the work of the Crewkerne Community Kitchen who are planning to cook a lunch which visitors can enjoy – free!

The Community Kitchen will be using the Speedwell on a weekly basis after The Open Day.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Open Day when you can learn more about this wonderful asset which belongs to Crewkerne.


Photo Gallery by Jeff Hutson

Jeff is a keen local photographer who has taken a wide range of beautiful photos of views of Crewkerne and surrounds in all seasons. He has also taken pictures of local craftsmen and makers of food and drinks based on local produce. Jeff has kindly mounted a wide range of these photos in the Hall and the Committee Room. They look stunning and superbly enhance the newly refurbished Hall. The framed photos are available to purchase and Jeff will kindly donate the net proceeds to The Speedwell Hall. When we are open again, be sure to visit and appreciate our very own Crewkerne Gallery in the Speedwell.


The Speedwell, 5 Abbey Street, Crewkerne, Somerset  TA18 7HY